This story makes no sense to me. Worried about inbreeding? I was under the assumption that zoos kept extensive breeding records to prevent inbreeding from happening. I don't have a problem so much with them killing the animal as much as I have a problem that there were people wanting to take the animal to avoid… » 2/10/14 1:52pm 2/10/14 1:52pm

Why did Mia refuse to take a lie detector test? Why did she attempt to get a former GF of Woodys to lie that they started dating when she was still underage? Why did her son say all the things he said about his mother? Why did all of the experts on the subject say that it did not happen? Why did those highly educated… » 2/08/14 2:36pm 2/08/14 2:36pm

Uhm, excuse me? I live with my 6 year old niece and have since she fell out of the womb. We also fostered a little girl when I was in my middle teens. Saying no was never an option. Ever! If my niece ever said no to her mother or father she would get the look of impending doom and get her butt in the bath as quick as… » 11/24/13 3:46pm 11/24/13 3:46pm

The williams sister including Venus who isnt even that good anymore (By Williams standards) get talked about ad nauseum. so does a couple of the other womens tennis players. they are two different games. Tennis viewers prefer short rallies to long rallies. They prefer strength and speed. Why would I watch something… » 10/29/13 10:35pm 10/29/13 10:35pm

Agree 100%. I dont understand how anyone can take this lightly. I also wonder how Jezebel decides which women they are going to give the benefit of the doubt to regardless of what they do, and which women Jezebel is going to attempt to thrash at every turn. I thought Jezebel was about uplifting women not tearing them… » 7/23/13 12:47pm 7/23/13 12:47pm